If you’re looking to “get off the tools” in your cleaning business, it could mean that you want to transition from being a hands on cleaner to a manager or owner who oversees the work of others. This can be a challenging transition, but there are a few steps you can take to make it a little easier:

  1. Build up your management skills. This might involve taking courses or workshops in leadership, communication, and business management.
  2. Hire and train a team of cleaners. You’ll need to be able to delegate tasks to others in order to move into a management role.
  3. Create systems and processes for your business. This will help to ensure that things run smoothly, even when you’re not there to oversee everything in person.
  4. Look at your profitability and ensure that you can afford to. It may be you need to increase prices, or it may be you need to grow your team and client base a little more before you can down tools completely.
  5. Learn how to market and grow your business. As a manager, you’ll need to be able to attract new clients and expand your business.
  6. Consider hiring a business coach or mentor. They can provide guidance and support as you make the transition to a management role.

Good luck!


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