Celebrate the best in the industry!

On November 30th 2023 we will be hosting the THIRD annual Domestic Cleaning Industry Awards to celebrate the best of the domestic cleaning industry 2023. 

The entries are now IN and judging has commenced!! Book your place at the online Awards ceremony HERE!

The Awards ceremony will be held ONLINE, but will still be a black tie event with us all having the chance to dress to impress and enjoy an evening together, no matter where we are in the UK.  Winners will also receive engraved glass trophies to keep as a memento of their success.

Here are the categories:

   🍾 Most Eco Friendly Award – is your business environmentally friendly? As part of your entry, demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices, including using environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques that minimise the use of harmful chemicals, reduce waste, and conserve resources. How energy efficient is your business? Do you have waste management strategies in place? Perhaps you promote water conservation measures or can demonstrate a commitment to reducing your overall environmental impact?  

   🍾 Best Newcomer Award – have you been in business less than 18 months? Show your commitment to building a strong business, with clear goals, an understanding of systems and procedures that you need as your business grows. And share your success so far.

   🍾 Community Champion Award – do you help in your local community? Perhaps your business is committed to fund raising for local charities? or supports other businesses in your local area? Demonstrate an active commitment to your local community through participation in community initiatives, events and projects.

   🍾 Best Employer Award –  do you prioritise employee engagement and satisfaction, creating a postiive work envronment, fostering open communication and recognising and rewarding employee achievements? Do you offer competitive and fair pay to your employees – a living wage employer? And can you demonstrate that your business has strong leadership and effective management practices? 

   🍾 Staff Training Award – have you invested in ongoing training and development programmes to enhance the skills and knowledge of your team? Are there clear training processes in place for cleaning effectively, with a focus on health and safety and providing a safe working environment?

   🍾 Best Social Media Award – are you a superstar when it comes to social media? An instagram expert, a facebook guru? Or has LinkedIn helped you grow your business? Share with us why you (or someone you know in the industry) are a real social media superstar!

   🍾 Best Domestic Cleaner in the UK Award – this is your chance to either nominate yourself if you are a solo cleaner, or to nominate one of your amazing team! What makes you, or this person so special when it comes to being great at cleaning? Why do they (or you) really stand out? Is it great customer service? Is it always going the extra mile? Reliability? What makes you or them truly special?


   🍾 Best Holiday Let Cleaning Business Award – if holiday lets/changeovers are your speciality, this is the category for you! You’ll know all about attention to detail and your application will show us how you make this specialist area of the domestic cleaning industry your own. What systems do you have in place to manage the turnovers? The laundry? The finishing touches? How do you market and sell your service to ensure you really meet your clients’ and your business’ needs? Tell us all you do that is special and you’ll be in with a great chance of winning when it goes to the public vote!

   🍾 Best Deep Cleaning Business Award – deep cleans aren’t for everyone, but if you know this is your forte, this category is for you! How do you ensure you can deliver a great clean every time, potentially at short notice and with the products and equipment needed to make a difference in what can be really tough cleans? Tell us all you do that is special and you’ll be in with a great chance of winning when it goes to the public vote!

   🍾 Best Domestic Cleaning Business Award – what makes your domestic cleaning business the best in the UK? Is it your team, your systems and processes, your training? Is your business profitable and sustainable for the long term as it grows? And do your clients love your service? Tell us all you do that is special and you’ll be in with a great chance of winning when it goes to the public vote!

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