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Live training and workshops

We hold regular online and in person training workshops and masterclasses on topics such as sales, managing your team, recruitment, raising your prices, employment law and more! Our extensive online training library is one of the key benefits of membership as members can access all the recordings 24/7 as often as they like!

Specialist industry training courses

DCBN specialist training workshops and courses are second to none in the domestic cleaning industry. From basic health and safety to COSHH, Risk Assessments, staff training, sales training and more, where better to ensure you and your team are Trained and Safe to clean your clients' homes!

24/7 online live peer support

Our Members Only Facebook group is active 24 hours per day with experienced business owners who enjoy sharing your experiences. This group grows friendships and knowledge in a relaxed environment. Our DCBN Directors are active in this group too, answering questions and supporting our members on a daily basis.

Library of essential business document templates

Everything you need to start your business and to level up and face the demands of a growing team. From employment contracts to client contracts, from price increase letters to holiday calculators, everything is in there and we are adding to it all the time.

Discounts on software and products

In order to help you get the very best value from your membership subscription to the Domestic Cleaning Business Network. we work hard to bring you offers and deals from some of the best suppliers to our industry. Fancy 20% off a Sebo vacuum, 10% off cleaning products? 15% off workwear? Insurance discounts? 75% off software? Look no further, our members ask and we deliver. You'll even receive 50% off in our own online shop to give extra added value!

Group Mentoring Sessions

Real friendships and communities grow in person, and we know how much a community matters to your business journey. In our monthly mentoring sessions, you can learn from your fellow cleaning business owners and benefit from the expertise of one of our experienced cleaning business owner coaches to guide each session. These sessions are discounted for DCBN members.


DCBN Membership

Could being a member help you?

How we helped?
I have been running a cleaning company for eight years, and I’m really, really good at cleaning, but I didn’t have a clue how to expand or take on staff. I joined the DCBN in 2019, and honestly, I’m not sure I would have survived the pandemic without them. They put on specialist courses and training to keep us open and operational when times were really uncertain, but the part I like best is that I have met other people in similar situations, who have given me the confidence and knowledge to expand. I customised all the templates, took the plunge to register as an employer and started to really understand my accounts. I had loads of questions and wobbles but there were always people on hand to support me. I now have five employees and hope to double this next year.
I thought I knew how to clean. I had risk assessments, but I never realised how much more I was expected to do. It was overwhelming at first, and I felt terrible that I hadn’t known this. When I learned about COSHH working for another company, I didn’t realise there were great big COSHH risk assessments on chemicals. I had just attended the training. The DCBN made this overwhelming task so much easier. It was broken down into manageable chunks, and the community reassured me that it does take a while to get all this in place.
Running a cleaning business will involve a certain amount of balancing the seesaw. You will either have too much or too little demand. Staff are queuing up to work for you or you can’t pay them to work for you. As demand and supply swing up and down, the DCBN is there to keep you on an even keel, reacting to market movements but with the skills to adapt either way.
"Approachable, knowledgeable and so helpful. Wish I'd found them sooner. Great documents to save time, they share latest cleaning knowledge and information. Offers different levels of membership as to your needs. Thank you DCBN"
Lizzie Horner
"DCBN has honestly been my saviour. And I imagine many others too. For me I am fairly new to the industry so still trying to get my head around everything involved which isn't as simple as imagined."
Danielle Collins
I've been a paid up member of this group for a while it's nice to finally not feel like I'm completely on my own in this area.
Max Hamlet

Need help?

We provide comprehensive support for both companies and individuals in the UK cleaning industry.

Need help?

We provide comprehensive support for the companies and individuals in the UK cleaning industry.
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    Live training and workshops

    You started a cleaning business and it boomed. Before long, you were in demand so much that you decided to expand your team. It grew amazingly…and then it got hard.

    Running a business is a skill, and it can be learnt. Many of us never intended to become business owners, but we are, and it is time to hone those skills quickly.
    Whether you want to learn how to raise prices without losing customers, become VAT registered, learn how to write a risk assessment, understand your options with professional products, train a staff member or remove an impossible stain, we have an immense video library about these issues, and so many more.

    Twice a month there is an industry expert talking live about a specialist domestic cleaning industry topic, and twice a month there is a Mini Mastermind session.
    Webinars – twice a month on Thursdays at 7 pm with an industry expert; these are recorded and available on the website.

    Mini Mastermind – twice a month on Thursdays at 7 pm. These are fun and interactive sessions with other business owners. They explore a fresh topic each time and discuss current issues that are affecting cleaning business owners.

    Specialist industry training courses

    So, you think you know how to clean. You probably do, but do you know how to do it safely within the ever-changing HSE regulations. Many of the cleaning infection control guidelines have been created for the commercial cleaning industry. The DCBN have sourced industry experts to adapt those guidelines and create best practice for the domestic cleaning industry. And before you say it can’t be that different, it really is.

    In the domestic cleaning industry, we face pets, children, travel, remote workers, removing rubbish, ever changing work environments, weather, specialist surfaces (from granite to antiques), an extensive range of chemicals, personal products and personal relationships. Each of these will require a risk assessment and cover from your contract. The cleaning is the easy part of this role, and a cleaner is judged more on their customer service skills than their cleaning, so we will make sure you are trained, insured and safe to thrive in the immense variety of situations you will find yourself in.

    24/7 online live peer support

    It’s 3 am and you can’t sleep because you are so angry at how you were spoken to by a customer yesterday. Why didn’t you stand up for yourself?

    You have a massive quote tomorrow for an old stately home, and you are completely out of your depth. What do you need to prepare?

    The invoices were sent out two weeks ago, and you are still waiting for a couple of payments. You sent out reminders, but what should you do now?

    Sometimes, we need to vent to others who understand. Sometimes, we need practical advice. Sometimes, we just want to sit back and learn from others’ mistakes. The Facebook group is active 24 hours per day with experienced business owners who enjoy sharing your experiences. This group grows friendships and knowledge in a relaxed environment and at times and commitment levels that suit you.

    It is worth noting that this group is very different to other Facebook support groups due to the nature of the participants. These people are a small, committed group of business owners, and the answers that you will receive are often very different and more constructive than other groups. They will answer from a business perspective, and there is a much greater emphasis on professionalism and customer service than you will find in other groups.

    Library of essential business document templates

    Everything you need to start your business in level 1 and everything you require to level up and face the demands of a growing team in level 2.

    Level 1 documents include

    Domestic cleaning services contract (two options)
    Domestic cleaning booking form
    Health and safety documents
    Business administration documents
    DCBN logo – approved supplier usage permitted (once all documentation received)
    …and  more

    Level 2 documents include

    Everything from level 1 plus
    Risk assessment template
    Pregnant workers risk assessment
    Lone working policy
    Key holding statement
    Holiday entitlement calculator
    Staff handbook
    Pay slip template
    Staff timesheet
    Contracts of services 
    … and more

    Monthly group mentoring sessions

    Real friendships and communities grow in person, and we know how much a community matters to your business journey. 

    You will have the opportunity to meet local business owners and inspirational leaders. During 2022 (when the restrictions allow us), the DCBN will be rolling out a series of local networking events – check here for a date of one near you.