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The DCBN is here to support domestic cleaning business owners and those working in the industry. Our mission is to ensure all those working in the industry are Insured, Trained and Safe. 

The support the DCBN provides is offered to both solo cleaners who work independently, as well as to business owners who run cleaning companies, providing access to a range of benefits and services. These include training and professional development, supplier discounts, template documents and resources to help you grow and succeed in your business, no matter it’s size. Our goal is to support and empower domestic cleaning business owners, helping you achieve your professional and personal goals.

We have developed industry leading training, campaigned for better conditions and support at government level, negotiated with suppliers to get great deals for members, run the Domestic Cleaning Industry Awards and provided training and templates to help run a wide variety of cleaning business types.


We are the largest domestic cleaning trade association in the UK...

The Domestic Cleaning Business Network is a trade association and membership organisation set up to represent the domestic cleaning industry, raise the profile and industry standards and to celebrate and support those running businesses and working in domestic cleaning throughout the UK.

Our team is comprised of experienced and diverse cleaning business owners who provide their time and support to the industry and network so our members receive support, business advice, templates and guidance, group purchasing deals, online, local and national events and a huge online training library.

Our membership ranges from sole traders to companies with over 50 staff. Since our launch in October 2019 we have over 3500 active subscribers with an average of 5.5 staff each giving us reach to nearly 20,000 professional cleaners throughout the UK and our membership growth rate is phenomenal. In our wider online network we interact with over 17000 cleaning business owners daily.


We are proud to provide support to people in the cleaning industry...


Meet the team

Lucy McGuire

Admin superstar

DCBN membership

Membership benefits

Why should you join the DCBN

Save money with supplier discounts, this alone will pay for your membership

Use our templates to ensure you have the correct documentation, terms and conditions and contracts to protect your business

Whether you want someone better to inspire you or someone to empathise with the latest disaster, our Facebook community will be there as your pocket business tribe.

Massive video library on just about every topic for a domestic cleaning business.

We know you can clean but are you fully compliant with best practise and HSE regulations, follow our online training to learn more.


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    Most interesting achievement

    I was persuaded by friends to test out a new bungee jump into the river Nile in Uganda while they calibrated rope stretch.  They didn’t have it correct and I was dunked up to my waist into crocodile infested waters and ended up with two black eyes.

    Where you will be and what you would be doing in your spare time- Up a mountain I’m currently half way through completing all the peaks in the lake District

    Best Cleaning tip

    Dwell time – give the product enough time to actually work as it is supposed to.

    Best part of working in the DCBN

    Watching the massive changes that we make to the whole industry and to individuals.  My favourite campaign has been the price awareness campaign to educate cleaners about their prices and costs.  We have been influential in mindset shifts that prices are based on covering costs not just comparing to competitors.

    Why the domestic cleaning industry is awesome 

    The people genuinely care about everyone, it is such a warm friendly environment.

    Since 2008 I have set up and now own 2 cleaning businesses, built a property portfolio, set up and manage a letting agency and a property developments business and most recently my own business coaching practice. And of course, I’ve also helped to set up and run the DCBN!

    In my spare time, I can be found sitting by my swimming pool at our home in France, spending time with friends and family, or perhaps taking a visit to the local lake for a walk and a picnic with my husband. Or in winter I’ll be mostly snuggled up watching a good horror movie by the fire with the lights off.

    My favourite cleaning tip is to hire a great cleaning service and let the professionals do it!

    The best part of working in the DCBN is the community we’ve created and the difference we are making to cleaning business owners throughout the UK.

    The domestic cleaning industry is awesome because people working in it get paid to have a workout, clients get to enjoy a clean home and as a business owner it can fit well around family life and be a great way to make a living. Its mostly just awesome because of the people in it though!

    Most interesting achievement

    Really had to reach for an interesting one. I’ve sang on songs of praise.

    Where you will be and what you would be doing in your spare time- muddy walks in the countryside with my small family

    Best Cleaning tip

    Never comb fur rugs, blow dry on high heat in small circular motions or always clean from top to bottom

    Best part of working in the DCBN

    Frequently learning new things from members, directors and partners that I would have never known if not for this experience.

    Why the domestic cleaning industry is awesome

    The industry is full of passionate and hard working people, it’s inspiring.