Fully Editable and Customisable Employee Handbook



Written with your cleaning business in mind, this 47 page employee handbook is not just comprehensive, but is fully editable and customisable for your business. Stop struggling to put all your company staff policies in place and use this employee handbook created by cleaning business owners for cleaning business owners!

Contents include:

1) About your business – Company Information, Company History, Mission Statement, Company Culture

2) General Notices – GDPR, Hours of Work, Breaks, Job Flexibility, Changes in Personal Details, Probationary Period

3) Wages, Salaries & Benefits – Payment, Overpayments, Income Tax, Pension Scheme, Pay Reviews, Performance Bonus, Shortage of Work/Layoffs, Travel Expenses, Declaration in relation to deduction from wages

4) Quality of Service and Conduct – Standards of Dress, Respect, Client Health Checks & Feedback, Communication with Customers, Rewards & Recognition

5) Handling the Day to Day – Equipment, Equipment Breakdown, Car Breakdown, Access Issues, Alarms, Can’t find an address, Injury/illness, Mobile Phones & Driving, Collecting Payments, Wastage, Breakages, Drugs & Alcohol, Time Keeping, Other Employment, Use of own vehicle on company business, Behaviour at work, Security – right of search, Employee’s property, Trade union membership, Statements to the media, Business integrity, Confidentiality, Lost property, Friends & relatives contact

6) Training and Development

7) Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

8) Personal Harassment Policy & Procedure – Introduction, Policy, Examples of personal harassment, Informal complaint, Formal complaint, General notes about personal harassment

9) Holidays – Entitlement, Booking procedure

10) Sickness & Other Absences – Notifying absence, Evidence of incapacity for work, Maternity and paternity leave, Other time off, Statutory Sick Pay, Absence through continued sickness, Capability to carry out your duties, Personal circumstances

11) Termination of Employment – Redundancy, Retirement, Termination of employment by employee without giving notice, return of company uniform & equipment

12) Disciplinary Procedure – The Procedure, Gross Misconduct, Appeals

13) Grievance Procedure

14) Health, Welfare and Hygiene – Areas of responsibility, Health and safety policy, Risk assessments, General risks, General health, General safety, Working tidily, Working alone, First aid, COSHH, Personal Protection Equipment, Hygiene

15) Privacy Policy

16) Acknowledgement of Receipt & Understanding – Existing employees, All employees, Statement of employee


This handbook is sold as a comprehensive employee handbook template for you to amend and use in your cleaning business. Unauthorised distribution to others outside your business is not permitted, whether for financial gain or otherwise.

You will need to go through each section and make changes appropriate to your business, including changing terminology such as Line Manager or General Manager that may not be appropriate for your business. There are also certain sections that you will need to complete from scratch such as your business information and your own induction and training process. Outside of that we have endeavoured to make this employee handbook as comprehensive as possible. Using this handbook in conjunction with the employment contracts supplied either as part of DCBN membership or in our team management document bundle, will ensure all new employees are set up correctly from the outset.

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