How to get to the top of Google for Domestic Cleaning companies –  organically

Domestic Cleaning companies near me are struggling to come top of google without pumping ever increasing amounts into Google Ads.  The issue with the domestic cleaning industry is that the business owners wear so many hats from cleaner to accountant to marketeer that expecting them to also learn how to get their website higher on Google is low on their priority list.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and this means coming top on the organic listings on Google. The top listing on Google will benefit from around 30% of the traffic for that search term, this drops to around 9% for position #5. If you are going to spend money or time creating a good website, it must be found and to do this for free (organically) requires some basic knowledge about SEO.

How does Google choose which articles to put at the top?

Firstly Google’s intention is to put the best article in front of the reader, Google is using calculations (algorithms) to constantly try to make their delivery of the best article better and better – to rank higher up Google’s search engine all we need to do is make Google’s job easier.

Who is going to find us?

Before we start we need to work out what our ideal customer or person reading our website is looking for and understand what problems we are going to solve. If you would like more target market traffic (people that are looking to have their homes cleaned) to visit your website then we need to understand what they might search for. The search terms that they are looking for are called keywords and there are websites that can help you search for the most common keywords or search terms in your sector.

Keywords for Cleaning Companies

I have researched for this article what the most popular keywords are for domestic cleaning and office cleaning and they’re strangely not ones that we might naturally use on our websites. The three most popular keywords for domestic cleaning are domestic cleaning in London, domestic cleaning near me and domestic cleaning services near me.  I’m not sure about you but I have never put domestic cleaning services near me on my website or a blog, yet it makes perfect sense that is what people would look for.

The top office cleaning keywords are office cleaning checklist, office cleaning services, office cleaning companies or once again office cleaning in London.  Once again it isn’t natural for us to have office cleaning companies on the website so perhaps thinking of a sentence where that would make sense and still be relevant to you would help your rankings.  Such as ‘we are one of the best reviewed office cleaning companies in (insert your area here)’

Action right now

With just this little bit of information you might want to look at the wording on your website to make it as searchable for the reader as possible.

Fresh Content

 The other thing that Google really likes is new content and isn’t keen on reading out of date news or views, so Google likes to put newer articles higher up.  With that in mind it doesn’t matter how good your article is and how well it ranks, it won’t stay there forever, and your job is to continuously create newer fresher and more relevant content.

Writing the article tips

How long should an article be? Google would like it to be at least 1000 words long, ideally 1500 words or more and wants the keywords to be at around 1% of the words. This means that if your article is 1000 words long we should see that keyword around 10 times. That keyword ideally needs to be written in as many ways as possible so here are some ones to include:

  • The first 100 characters
  • Write it in bold
  • Write it in italics
  • Use it as a ‘quote’
  • Put it in the header
  • Write it in your conclusion

Now that you have written your article about your cleaning company and your keywords have appeared at least 10 times in various ways we need to decide what to do with the article.

Where should your article go?

The first place should be your own blog on your own cleaning company website although if you are new to writing articles it still may not get seen much here alone. You can choose now to share it in a variety of places, these might include social media such as LinkedIn or you can put it on an article sharing site such as medium. Depending on the platform you may want to take extracts from your article or just share the link.

Make Google’s life easy

A good title, making sure to list your subsections as headers really helps Google. It is also important to include a picture (ideally original) and make sure that you have written a description in the alt text for the picture.

Share to other news outlets

If your article is about domestic cleaning near me and includes local references, you may even want to share it to local newsgroups or even your local paper. The more links you can get from reputable websites to your site then the more that Google will trust your site (called domain authority) and the higher it will rank your site above others.

Make sure you are listed on directories

Hopefully these tips have helped and made it simple for you to write a better ranking article on your blog. The Domestic Cleaning Business Network would love to hear how you have got on with these tips.  If you are still struggling to get found by customers searching for domestic cleaners then make sure that you are registered on all the local directories and search engines including Google maps, yell, bing, yahoo etc. 

The most important directory to be listed on.

The most important directory of domestic and commercial cleaning companies is the ‘Find a cleaner’ page on the DCBN website .  Here all the cleaning companies have been verified to check that they have insurance and training so customers can be assured of a higher calibre of cleaning service from these companies and individuals.  It is rapidly becoming the place to be recommended by reputable cleaning companies

Just for a bit of fun can you work out what the keyword I was aiming for in this article was?


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