Imagine having a special way to make your dreams come true – that’s what vision boards are all about! They’re like colourful posters made from pictures, words, and things you like. These boards help turn your hopes into real actions and can be a really powerful tool in helping you focus on what you want to achieve in your cleaning business and your life!

What Vision Boards Are:

  • A Dreamy Picture: Think of vision boards as a big picture that shows what you want in life. You use pictures, words, and even colours to create a masterpiece that represents your dreams.
  • Magic of Thinking: Vision boards are like magnets for good things. They help you imagine what you want and can actually attract those good things to come true. It’s like sending out a wish to the universe!
  • Finding Your Way: Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you really want. Vision boards act like a compass, pointing you in the right direction. They help you see your dreams clearly, even when life gets busy and confusing.

How Vision Boards Can Help:

  • Picture Power: When you think about your dreams and make a picture of them in your head, it’s like telling your brain to make them real. Vision boards remind you of those pictures every day.
  • Stay Strong: Life can be tough, but your vision board is like a cheerleader. It reminds you to keep going, even when things are difficult. Your dreams are worth it!
  • Spreading Positivity: Spending time with your vision board makes you feel happy and positive. This good feeling can spread to others around you and attract good things to your life.

Making Your Vision Board:

  • Collecting Stuff: Start by gathering things like pictures from magazines, photos, and quotes that make you feel excited. Pick things that match your dreams.
  • Follow Your Feelings: Look at your collection and choose things that make you feel happy or inspired. Trust your feelings – they’ll guide you!
  • Creating Your Masterpiece: Arrange your chosen things on a board in a way that looks nice to you. Every piece you place carries the energy of your dreams.
  • See It Every Day: Put your vision board where you can see it every day, like on your wall. It will silently remind you to keep moving towards your dreams.


Vision boards are like bridges that connect what you imagine with what you can make real. They help you see your dreams clearly, make you feel stronger, and bring positivity into your life. By making your own vision board for your cleaning business, you’re taking a big step towards creating the business and life you’ve always wanted. Your journey of creating your vision board is a sign of your courage, your dreams, and the endless possibilities that come to those who dare to dream and make things happen.

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