Specialist industry training courses

So, you think you know how to clean. You probably do, but do you know how to do it safely within the ever-changing HSE regulations. Many of the cleaning infection control guidelines have been created for the commercial cleaning industry. The DCBN have sourced industry experts to adapt those guidelines and create best practice for the domestic cleaning industry. And before you say it can’t be that different, it really is.
In the domestic cleaning industry, we face pets, children, travel, remote workers, removing rubbish, ever changing work environments, weather, specialist surfaces (from granite to antiques), an extensive range of chemicals, personal products and personal relationships. Each of these will require a risk assessment and cover from your contract. The cleaning is the easy part of this role, and a cleaner is judged more on their customer service skills than their cleaning, so we will make sure you are trained, insured and safe to thrive in the immense variety of situations you will find yourself in.

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