Live training and workshops

You started a cleaning business and it boomed. Before long, you were in demand so much that you decided to expand your team. It grew amazingly…and then it got hard.
Running a business is a skill, and it can be learnt. Many of us never intended to become business owners, but we are, and it is time to hone those skills quickly.
Whether you want to learn how to raise prices without losing customers, become VAT registered, learn how to write a risk assessment, understand your options with professional products, train a staff member or remove an impossible stain, we have an immense video library about these issues, and so many more.
Twice a month there is an industry expert talking live about a specialist domestic cleaning industry topic, and twice a month there is a Mini Mastermind session.
Webinars – twice a month on Thursdays at 7 pm with an industry expert; these are recorded and available on the website.
Mini Mastermind – twice a month on Thursdays at 7 pm. These are fun and interactive sessions with other business owners. They explore a fresh topic each time and discuss current issues that are affecting cleaning business owners.

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