24/7 online live peer support

It’s 3 am and you can’t sleep because you are so angry at how you were spoken to by a customer yesterday. Why didn’t you stand up for yourself?
You have a massive quote tomorrow for an old stately home, and you are completely out of your depth. What do you need to prepare?
The invoices were sent out two weeks ago, and you are still waiting for a couple of payments. You sent out reminders, but what should you do now?
Sometimes, we need to vent to others who understand. Sometimes, we need practical advice. Sometimes, we just want to sit back and learn from others’ mistakes. The Facebook group is active 24 hours per day with experienced business owners who enjoy sharing your experiences. This group grows friendships and knowledge in a relaxed environment and at times and commitment levels that suit you.
It is worth noting that this group is very different to other Facebook support groups due to the nature of the participants. These people are a small, committed group of business owners, and the answers that you will receive are often very different and more constructive than other groups. They will answer from a business perspective, and there is a much greater emphasis on professionalism and customer service than you will find in other groups.

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