In the past few months we have finalised so many new Partnerships with Suppliers who are giving great deals to our DCBN members, that we thought we’d better highlight the fantastic deals that our members enjoy on a daily basis:

  • Cleaning Product Suppliers Chemical Hut and Avica – 10% off
  • Paragon Microfibre – 10% off
  • Clothing Supplier Workwear Express – 15% off
  • Insurance providers A-Plan and Superscript – special negotiated deals for members
  • Peninsula HR – 2 months free and 10% off ongoing
  • Sebo – 20% off
  • Social Media and Sales Training Courses – discounted deals for members
  • Business coaching – 20% off
  • Bright HR – 50% off for 3 months
  • Quote on Site – special negotiated deal for members
  • Zenmaid – 75% off for 3 months
  • Njord Carpet Cleaning Training – 15% off
  • Super Star Designs – 15% off social media management and FREE ANIMATED LOGO
  • – 5% off

We are adding new Partners all the time, so watch this space!


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