Do eco cleaning products and methods actually work? Ask different professional cleaners this question and they will give you a different answer. But whether we agree on the effectiveness of these chemical-free, non-toxic materials, or not, it is more than evident that green cleaning products could be the future for our industry. And that is signalled by a variety of factors.

Political Factors

The UK government has committed to reducing the country’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Every single business has a part to play if this is to become a reality. According to scientists, conventional cleaning products are a major contributor to air pollution in urban areas. Moving between client addresses requires using a personal or company vehicle, and a lot of the professional equipment cleaners use may not be energy efficient.

To tackle this, and to encourage more entrepreneurs to go green, the government offers financial incentives for businesses when they buy hybrid vehicles, make changes to use more renewable sources of energy and offset some of their environmental impact. Clearly, this is an opportunity for every cleaning company to reduce their tax bill and even receive some extra cash flow in the form of green grants.

Economic Factors

Using eco-friendly cleaning products has other financial benefits too. For example, it is estimated that a company with 20 employees can save up to £15,000 a year by simply ditching all paper towels or plastic containing wipes and replacing them with reusable cloths. Both while working at the client premises and in the company’s office. There are more eco changes you can make in the office to reduce energy bills and other running costs.

Furthermore, as the world turns their eyes to saving the environment, the number of green cleaning product manufacturers grows. It increases the competition in the market and it leads to reduction of prices for eco equipment and cleaning products.

Social Changes

People under 30 are the most environmentally conscious, recent statistics show. Although they are not the current primary paying customers in the cleaning industry, they are the future. In a decade or so, they will match the age of people who most commonly book cleaning services and their beliefs in relation to saving the environment and lifestyle will remain the same.

In addition, industry reports suggest that in the past 5 years, the demand from clients for eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions has increased by 40%. It may have to do with the rising rates of a variety of allergies, respiratory conditions and viral infections.

Technological Advancements

The 21st century is a time of rapid technological growth and innovation. The speed with which new cleaning products are developed and improved is higher than ever before in humankind’s history. And if 2-3 years ago we could confidently say eco-friendly cleaning products don’t work that well, today this is not true.

The cleaning industry can now benefit from the development of new machines and technologies that use renewable sources of energy, are time-efficient and, no doubt, effective in serving their purpose. Scientists have successfully developed new formulas for green cleaning products without toxic chemicals but with the ability to kill most bacteria and viruses known to date.

Companies that use green solutions are seen as innovators and supported by the majority of existing and potential clients. It seems the green route may be the one to take for anyone who wants to run a successful cleaning business in the years to come.


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