The announcement on 23rd February 2021 in Scotland that the Tier 4 restrictions which prohibit domestic cleaning in all, but limited circumstances is likely to be in effect until the 26th April 2021 now puts even further financial strain on this already damaged industry and there is still no targeted support in place.

The DCBN has campaigned hard to change this and is now asking the Scottish Government why, when cleaning is vitally important to help reduce the spread and suppress the virus that we have been restricted in our ability to contribute to this cause.

We want to understand why Scotland is the only UK nation to restrict domestic cleaning activities as this has not been the case throughout the rest of the UK even at a National Lockdown level.

Why were the guidelines changed in late December 2020 to prohibit domestic cleaning in people’s homes at Tier 4 when it was previously permitted?

The industry also wants to know why specific funding has been allocated to mobile close contact services providing hair cuts and cosmetic services in peoples homes, yet a mobile cleaner is not entitled to specific funding and needs to rely on varying amounts from Local Authorities if they meet the criteria set.

Finally, we want to know why cleaning service providers are not seen as a part of the supply chain to the hospitality, retail and other closed industries and has been rejected from accessing any of the Strategic Framework Business Funding?

We will shortly be releasing some template letters for all cleaners and service users to send to their local MSPs to further raise awareness and would love you to share these and also to take just a few moments to sign and share the petition here.


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