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Domestic Cleaning Business Network Events

When you join the Domestic Cleaning Business Network as a paying subscription member, you get free access to all of our live webinars as well as exclusive access to our events. In addition, if you are unable to take part in a webinar then you get unlimited access to our webinar and training library so you can catch up in your own time.

Our webinars have covered a multitude of topices specifically tailored to the cleaning industry, from Software, facebook Adverts, Recruitment, Managing Staff Contracts, Wellness, Business Planning, Holiday Lets, Promotions and Google Adverts. 

Our members have saved £1,000's working with our partners or simply by listening and implementing the advice given in these events.

Below you will find some of our upcoming and exclusive member only events.

Upcoming events

    • 13 May 2021
    • 7:00 PM (UTC-00:00)

    Bookkeeping in your cleaning business


    Join me this Thursday when we’ll be talking about bookkeeping.  What does bookkeeping actually mean?  What records do you need to keep?  How long do you need to keep it and, well…what’s the point?


    We’ll be covering these points and answering your questions and I promise it’ll be more interesting than it sounds!

    Kevin Jarvis


    • 27 May 2021
    • 7:00 PM (UTC-00:00)

    Join us for the DCBN Webinar on Thursday 27th May at 7pm when we are joined by the team from Peninsula with another great topic "My rights and responsibilties as an Employer".

    If you are already employing staff or looking to grow your business by taking people on, this is a must attend webinar.

    Peninsula always deliver great content on their webinars and you can literally ask them anything, so if you can attend do so. The recordings are a great resource but nothing beats asking your own question to an employment law specialist live on the night!

    • 10 Jun 2021
    • 7:00 PM (UTC-00:00)

Past events

4 May 2021 Mini Mastermind Networking - Do leaflets work?
29 Apr 2021 "Holiday Lets" with DCBN Director Hristina Anastasova
27 Apr 2021 Mini Mastermind Networking - Let's Chat Carpet Cleaning!
22 Apr 2021 Sickness, Maternity and Holiday pay with Peninsula
20 Apr 2021 Mini Mastermind Networking - Self Employed or Employed?
15 Apr 2021 The FSB - Helping smaller businesses achieve their ambitions
13 Apr 2021 Mini Mastermind Series Networking Event
8 Apr 2021 Getting a mortgage as a self-employed person
6 Apr 2021 Mini Mastermind Series Networking Event - Working in Teams or Solo?
1 Apr 2021 TUPE with Peninsula
30 Mar 2021 Mini Mastermind Series Networking Event
25 Mar 2021 ‘Sinners Circle & pH and how they affect our cleaning’
23 Mar 2021 Mini Mastermind series: Ovens for domestic cleaners.
16 Mar 2021 Mini mastermind series: Working around a family
11 Mar 2021 Employed vs Self-employed with HR Law Specialists
9 Mar 2021 Mini mastermind series: Money – what do you charge?
4 Mar 2021 Tendering and all you need to know.
2 Mar 2021 Mini mastermind series: How important is the internet for a cleaner?
23 Feb 2021 Mini mastermind series: Why You joined the Cleaning industry?
18 Feb 2021 VAT and Cleaning Businesses
16 Feb 2021 Mini Mastermind series: Cleaning Disasters
11 Feb 2021 Professional Quoting: Domestic & Commercial Clients and how to stand out from the competition.
9 Feb 2021 Mini mastermind series: Accountability and why it is essential
4 Feb 2021 I need a new website. Where do I start?” with Sean Parry from Project 83
2 Feb 2021 Mini Mastermind: Stay motivated every day
28 Jan 2021 National Minimum Wage: deductions & rules with HR law specialists from Peninsula
22 Jan 2021 Debt Collection with DCBN Associate Director Claire Hogan
19 Jan 2021 DCBN Mini Mastermind - Scotland Event
18 Jan 2021 Solo Cleaner’s 5 Day Sprint Challenge – How to get more customers
11 Jan 2021 DCBN Cleaning safely course
7 Jan 2021 Facebook Ads Workshop
12 Dec 2020 The DCBN Christmas Party
2 Dec 2020 Wellness Webinar
19 Nov 2020 How to manage staff contracts in challenging times?
5 Nov 2020 How to Run Successful Promotions
22 Oct 2020 How to convert enquiries to clients with Diane Greenwood
8 Oct 2020 Google Ads with Sean Parry
24 Sep 2020 Customer Service Online Webinar with Krissi Foskett
10 Sep 2020 ZenMaid Webinar for DCBN Members ONLY
27 Aug 2020 DCBN Member Webinar - Build a Business that Works Without You!
13 Aug 2020 DCBN Members Webinar - "Recruitment" with Louise Trehearn
29 Jul 2020 Holiday Let Cleaning and Management
16 Jul 2020 DCBN Member Webinar - Marketing Tips!
25 Mar 2020 Manchester Cleaning Show
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