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About Us

Welcome to the DCBN - Domestic Cleaning Business Network, a trade association set up to represent the domestic cleaning industry, raise the profile and industry standards and to celebrate and support those running businesses and working in domestic cleaning throughout the UK. 

Our team is comprised of experienced and diverse cleaning business owners across the UK who offer their time and support to the industry and network so our members receive support - technical, business and emotional, business advice, templates and guidance,  group purchasing  deals and local and national networking events. 

When we set up the DCBN back in October 2019, we knew there was a need to help unify the domestic cleaning industry, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in early 2020, our role became even more vital.

With domestic cleaners looking for clear and concise guidance, we created clear cleaning guidelines covering health and safety aspects and best practice that were downloaded and shared with more than a thousand cleaners throughout the UK. We produced informative videos guiding cleaning business owners through the ever changing landscape and explaining the government guidance as it was released. The Directors fielded hundreds of questions and provided advice and assistance at every stage. To help our membership base during the financial turmoil that ensued, we suspended membership payments and released free template documents to the wider cleaning industry.

As the pandemic started to reach controlled levels and as parts of the UK began a phased and careful return to the new normal, we helped the domestic cleaning industry by providing interactive online workshops, helping hundreds of cleaning business owners to ascertain the level of risk in returning to cleaning homes and to understand how to safely return to work with the correct levels of PPE and disinfecting techniques.

As part of the training, we have helped domestic cleaners to understand and meet the few regulations and legal requirements that the domestic cleaning industry has to meet, including the need to carry safety data sheets for all cleaning products they use and to understand and comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) act. The ability to provide proof of this is now a membership requirement. 

We have found that our role is not just to support our members, but the wider industry as a whole, and we know from the amazing feedback we have received that we have risen to the challenge and will continue to go further.

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